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Please visit this site's homepage for an important message about nuclear engineering options at the University of Maryland College Park.

The Graduate Program in Nuclear Engineering offers two M.S degree options, one of which must be selected by the student prior to their first semester.

The thesis Option requires the completion of a Master's thesis in accordance with the rules of the University of Maryland Graduate School.

The non-thesis option requires the completion of a scholarly paper. Students wishing to pursue a Masters degree without a thesis must submit a scholarly paper in the area of research he or she has been conducting at the University or his or her place of employment to his or advisor or the Nuclear Engineering Program Director. The demonstration of publishable quality may be shown by submission of the paper to a journal approved by the student's advisor or the Program Director. Effective January 2001, a Master's Comprehensive examination is no longer required.

The Master of Engineering in Nuclear Engineering, administered by the Office of Advanced Engineering Education (OAEE), is non-thesis. Because it does not have a research component, the M.Eng. is not recommended for those individuals who may wish to pursue a Ph.D. degree.



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