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Course Requirements for Nuclear Engineering

Please visit this site's homepage for an important message about nuclear engineering options at the University of Maryland College Park.

The program courses are divided into the core courses and elective courses.  The core courses are listed as follows, with the key faculty responsible.

Core Courses

  • ENNU 430: (ENME 430): Fundamentals of Nuclear Engineering (Pertmer) For students without an undergraduate degree in nuclear engineering.
  • ENNU 620: Mathematical Techniques (Mosleh and Modarres)
  • ENNU 630: Reactor Physics and Engineering (Mosleh)
  • ENNU 631: Advanced Reactor Systems and Safety (Pertmer)
  • ENNU 655: (crosslisted as ENMA 655) Radiation Engineering (Al-Sheikhley, Christou)
  • ENNU 698A Reactor Systems and Safety (Massoud)


  • ENNU 648A: Reactor Operations (Al-Sheikhley)
  • ENNU 648B: Nuclear Fuel Safety Cycle Safety (Pertmer)
  • ENNU 648C: Advanced Nuclear Reactor Systems Physics and Engineering (adjunct)
  • ENNU 648R: Risk of Energy Systems (Mosleh)
  • ENNU 651: Risk and Performance Based Technologies (Modarres)
  • ENNU 625: (crosslisted as ENRE 625) Reliability of Materials (Christou)
  • ENNU 648D: Microelectronics and Sensors for the Nuclear Systems: Performance and Reliability (Christou)
  • ENNU 670 and 671: (crosslisted as ENRE 670 and 671) Risk and Reliability in Engineering
  • ENRE 680: Software Security and Software Reliability

Other electives may be selected to meet each student’s academic interests.

Sequencing and Scheduling of the Academic Program

The program’s sequencing of courses consists of three core courses in the Fall semester and two core courses in the Spring semester.  We will also offer the ENNU 620: Engineering Mathematics as well as one ENNU elective during the summer session.

Fall Course Offerings

  • ENNU 430
  • ENNU 630
  • ENNU 620
  • ENNU 698A
  • ENNU Elective(s)

Spring Course Offerings

  • ENNU 655
  • ENNU 631
  • ENNU 648A (Virtual Laboratory Course)
  • ENNU Elective(s)

Summer Course Offerings

  • ENNU 620
  • ENNU Elective


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